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by fuck

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old songs covers and ripoffs that i dont care about enough to work on

if its from a large group of old recordings the rest will be linked in song description

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released May 26, 2018

my recent music: gmo-mom.bandcamp.com


all rights reserved



fuck Santa Cruz, California

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Track Name: Laychaser
well im a-walkin' down the street im lookin for something for my eyes to eat up (yeah~)
and im with these guys i call em friends but they wont be here in the end (yeah~~)
and i want to meet ya meet ya meet ya parents
so i can tell them how much were in love
and they say im not "ok"
she liked it better that way

she tasted like cigarettes a silver spoon and no regrets (yeah~~~)
two days later changed her mind she took her heart and shit on mine (yeah~~~~)
and im so lonely, im sooooOOooo lonlely

dadadadadada owo wo wo WO
Track Name: 2 melodies
this song? its a gembrokers song. it goes lower? ahhh.
Track Name: fOOD cHAIN
where are you going? where have you been?
where are you going? where have you been?

where am i going? where have i been?
where will it be? where will it end?

I know. Everything came out of a mouth.
i know as much as she does about
all her gods came out of a mouth
oh, my gods came out of a mouth

and i'll shed my skin on the floor of your mouth and
ive never seen you spit it out
and i like to think that its there to this day and
you know that i love you, i love it that way and
itll leave a taste
and all your pieces will fall into place
Track Name: ghost net
if only you could do one more
another year that far from the shore
the ocean calls your helpless name
youre not sure if its yours to claim
when i look back on all that time
do you think i could call that trying

a rolling rotting pelagic wall
with a thousand mouths you hear them calling
so swim on in this swollen net
which once was built but it tends to forget what its for

ruin my body save me jeffrey
drink until its safe to touch me
away from here ill hide my woes
my endless days of endless foes are gone

im wanting out
im wonder how
Track Name: fidgetfit
wonderful friend, dont u go
just now im getting to know
pits of peaches roll ur floor
do u think ud take one more

wonderful friend lets try n pretend
like we woulsdnt forget this in a month or so
and wonder how it would turn out
if you wouldnt go to the deep deep north

break my body n split this problem into in two
its not ok but i am better that way


(tell me bout the people that u KNOW
tell me bout ur 100,000 shows
if u dont remember how it goes
just make it all up ill never know)


(remember that ur tryin to FORGET
delusions of rebirth n thirst for death
i kiss u with my hands around ur neck
whimpering and shaking on ur chest)


(smokin weed n suckin dick is BACK
my summer style is all about this track
santa cruz is shitty thats a fact
but every other options just as wack)
Track Name: +/-
when youre here in your life well, thats the price u pay
Track Name: ward self
Wizard 5
Type: Enchantment
School: Protection
Range: Self
Incant: "The power of magic defends me" x3
Materials: White Strip
Effect: Resistant to all effects from the next source which would inflict a Wound, Death, or State. Does not trigger against effects cast by the player.
Track Name: cat door
i open and close like a small cat door
for only a moment and not no more

those kinds of kisses i couldnt have known
that that way existed but now ive been shown

not happy or sad i begin to glow
we share the affliction you awkwardly hold

you go
you goooo~
you go
you goo~
Track Name: lit
let in light let me die
Track Name: wind
Track Name: transparent
Track Name: california roll

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